In 2003, A New Leaf, Inc. was founded and obtained their 501 (c) (3) non-profit status.  At that time, we recognized that there was a need in the community for quality foster homes that could provide children with opportunities.  This became our mission.  We diligently recruited foster homes that were willing to understand the needs of children and their families and were able to provide love, care, and support to each child that entered their home.  We successfully licensed quality families and we continue today to diligently recruit more foster families to help with the needs of children.
We take pride in our agency, we take pride in family,
and we take pride in every child.
Mission Statement
Putting families with wants and kids with needs together.

Vision Statement
Striving to provide a positive Foster
     Helping to cope.
     Opting for encouragement and community.
     Making it possible for a Kid to be a Kid.
     Eager to listen.

Our homes will effectively meet the needs of children, their primary families, and their foster families with respect to personal dignity and worth of each member.

We will advocate for each child's rights, encourage personal development, and embrace diversity.

We will provide an environment focused on accountability, structured for individual needs and the betterment and safety of each child.

Join us and celebrate
"putting families with wants and kids with needs together."
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