A New Leaf has played a big part of preparing our teen foster sons for independent living. Because of their services they have helped me raise successful young adults!   

Becoming a part of A New Leaf feels like a large loving family! 

Being a foster parent has been one of the most rewarding things in my life, right next to being a mom to my three boys.

Simple things, like having a campfire, the tooth fairy visiting when they lost a tooth, reading them a book, having hot chocolate with them on a snowy day, these are some of the most memorable times for them – and us.

After accepting A NEW LEAF as my network I very quickly learned that it doesn’t take a village to raise a child but it was awesome to have a village worth of support whenever I needed it.

I thank A New Leaf for making me not just a better parent, but a better me.

From day one I have been overwhelmed by the caring and compassion that has been shown not just to me but to every member of my family.

Foster parenting isn't always easy.  Being a part of a child's life and watching them change whether it is a baby who develops new skills or a child who finally gives you a hug is worth every moment." 

"If someone would have told us we'd have two teenage boys in our home during the holidays,  I would have told them they were nuts.  In our years we have tried little kids, and they are nice, but we love our teenage boys.  So many of the teen boys that come into foster care are thought to be “bad” – we find that statement to be untrue – they aren’t “bad” they are just kids!

Hopefully, we are becoming better parents to these children as we learn to meet their needs and grow with them."

Being a foster parent is not an easy job, I won’t lie about that, but it is rewarding at the end. I feel happy when a child returns home to their parents who have overcome all the obstacles to get their child or children back. Whether the parents are rehabilitated, need parenting classes (to teach them to keep their child safe), or are in counseling – it is my goal for a child to return home or continue learning skills to become a responsible adult someday. It warms my heart to know I have done a good job to help them.
Heather & Tony

“If you want someone in your corner, if you want an organization to be there, this is the agency for you!  I don’t know where we would be without A New Leaf!”

Fostering has been a blessing for me and my family providing a humbling experience with gratefulness and gratitude; being a foster parent allows us the opportunity to help those in need. Foster parenting teaches us the purpose of helping, loving, and protecting others – understanding the value of family, which has nothing to do with color, sex, or size…yet at the end of the day, love really does save a multitude of lives.

Five years ago we became foster parents with A New Leaf and have fostered many children and have adopted 2 girls who were in care.  It has been a scary and exciting journey which we would do all over again.